Vanclaes – Trailer brochure

How can Vanclaes ensure that the right experience leads to the right brochure?

The job:
There are many different types of price lists for different boats. The experience of the price list must fit the type, so that someone can immediately grab the right brochure that belongs to his boat. The experience of someone with a sloop is very different from someone with a speedboat or jet ski.

The job is to create leaflets with a uniform appearance, specifically for each type of trailer. Any special parts may be highlighted more.

Brochures - Vanclaes
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But why do you need a new design?

The current brochures were made a number of years ago. In the meantime, the trailers have been improved and this has been added to the brochure. The big stars make you feel like you are at the butcher’s around the corner. Business partners found it too embarrassing to present the current price lists to their customers, and looked for alternatives themselves.

Also, Vanclaes is a high end brand. The look of the current brochures does not give you the feeling that you are dealing with a high end product.


So what’s the next step?


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Vanclaes Stylesheet

Final designs!


Client: Vanclaes B.V.

Year: 2021