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How can JUKE increase the amount of logged-in users on its mobile application?

The job:
JUKE aims to have more logged-in users on the mobile application, as they provide a higher activation rate and better retention. Insights show that users want to be able to save their favorite radio stations and podcasts within JUKE. This feature can only be developed behind a login.

The job is to work out the feature ‘favorites’ into a flow and a visual design. This design must be validated by a usability test.

Favorites - JUKE

Before 1

Before 2

Before 3

Before 4

Before 5

Current design of ‘My JUKE’ in the JUKE app.


What’s the first step?

Since the favorites feature will be behind a login, it is important that there is a good overall flow available that development can fall back on. This flow explains exactly how users can add a station or podcast to their favorites. It also describes what happens when a user clicks on the ‘plus’ icon but is not yet logged in. The last important aspect that has been worked out in the flow is how users can delete or edit their favorites again.



Let’s start wireframing!

Since the project was quite complex, wireframes made it quicker and easier to create the final designs. Many different ideas came across which we added to the wireframes first.

One of the ideas was an empty state for your favorites. Instead of showing a white screen, JUKE would show you ‘Try this podcast’ or ‘Recommended for you’ to help you get started in collecting your favorites.

Another problem I came across was the question where to locate the settings. The best option was to move the message icon to the top left corner and place the settings icon to the top right. The reason why the settings icon was placed here is because a lot of other apps also use this position. The user is already used to find the settings in this place.

And what does the user think?

Together with the researcher at Talpa Network we created a usability hub test, to see if the user would understand how they could add their favorite radio stations and podcasts to their favorites within ‘My JUKE’.

We tested if the users were able to add and delete their favorites and what their expectations were. The final score was 4,5 out of 5, which is pretty good. After we applied the insights of the usability test to the designs, the final designs went development team to be built.

The favorites feature is currently live in the JUKE app and additions may be added to this feature in the future.

Usability test

After 1
After 2
After 3
After 4
After 5

Some of the final designs of the ‘Favorites’ feature in the JUKE app.

Client: JUKE

Credits: JUKE, Talpa Network, Talpa Business intelligence

Year: 2020